Monday, February 23, 2015

Day by Day Beauty Luxury Blotting Paper Review

Day by Day Beauty Luxury Blotting Paper - $8.97 US

I received this product as part of an advertorial. 

I never considered using blotting paper till recently.  I don't have oily skin EXCEPT on my nose due to having hyperactive sebum.  Which means that the oil on my nose actually grows underneath my skin leaving bumps that deform your nose.  However thank God for BHA which helps to control it and has gotten rid of many of the bumps over time.  Nonetheless the oil on my nose does shine through only when I am wearing foundation which is horrible.  The reason being is that it melts the foundation on my nose away leaving a nasty greasy look.  I was always blotting it away with tissue paper, but thus also removing my foundation.  So I finally gave up and decided to start looking into blotting paper.  Needless to say when Day by Day Beauty asked me to review this product, I was surely up for it.

I received two blotting packages which each held 100 sheets.  The packages are small and fit about the palm of your hand.  This is great because it can go nicely in your pocket or purse without taking up much space.  The blotting paper looks like little toilet paper which is cute if you ask me.  When you apply this to the areas of your face where you either sweating or oily it works wonders to ONLY remove the oil/sweat and not the makeup if you have any on.  The paper is made of high quality grade material.  So unlike real toilet paper which would leave you with paper fuzz behind, this didn't. 

This adsorbed the oil on my nose pretty well. Since the sheets are small, at times I found I needed a few to clean my nose.  Nonetheless that's standard as we all don't have the same face shape.  It also worked well on my lips if my gloss or lipstick bleed.  This also worked awesome when I was flat ironing my hair.  Normally I sweat a bit due to the heat so I decided to test this sheets out during this time.  I found it worked great to also grab the sweat on my face (normal around my hairline) with no problem due to heat from the flat iron.

I really like this sheets and would recommend them.  They are pretty cheap in price and high in quality standard.  

Keep Smiling!


FTC: Though I was provided with this product for review, I was not paid to write this post and all opinions are solely my own.
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Friday, February 20, 2015

Is There a Difference Between Contouring and Bronzing?

Lately I have been seeing people asking this question.  Is there a difference between contouring and bronzing?  The answer is, it depends.  Some people will contour at the same time they bronze with the same products.  Others use two different products and two different makeup brushes to achieve these two methods.  At the end of the day it depends what look you are going for.

I normally contour and bronze at the same time.  However on the days when I have time and really want that contouring defined line, I will combine these two methods above by using specific brushes and bronzers.  Its not that hard and very easy to achieve.  However in order to get these two in one look, you need the proper makeup brushes and products.  No matter what you tell yourself, without the proper tools your contouring and bronzing will not come out right.  There lies the difference between your face looking dirty and your face looking well defined.

When contouring your face, you need know where to find and draw the lines that naturally create a shadows on your face. Those are lines that you want to define and crave out in order to achieve that contour look.  However when doing this method pay attention.  Contour needs to go with the shape of your face.  Its important you understand the shape of your face before you start contouring.  If not, then you may draw lines that extenuate unnatural areas of your face leaving a not so attractive look.  Once you find those areas of your face to contour, use the proper makeup brush(es) and products to achieve this look.


So first things first, you need to decide if you want to only contour, only bronze or both.  Because if you apply bronzer in the same exact areas as of your contouring, then you face is going to look dirty as you will cover way to much with bronzer.  If you plan to contour and bronze, then you need to adjust the amount of product and areas you going to cover with these products.  So let's start off with contouring and drawing those lines!  

Tools & Products

First you want to get yourself a good contouring product that has grey not red or orange undertones.  If you use red or orange undertone contour product, it will for sure stand out in a not so attractive way.  So stick to grey for a more natural look.  I normally use a cream bronzer for contouring because it's easy to blend and works better when I apply bronzer over it.

My go to cream contour is Soliel Tan de Chanel.  I love this product for many reasons.  First, while it may be pricey, however it comes a large jar that more than justifies the cost.  I have been using this product for almost a year, not even half way through and has not dried out nor does it look like it will any time soon.  Second, the price.  For a jar this size for only $51 CDN is amazing.  This product is literally the size of the whole palm of my hand.  Third, this has proper undertones.  You always want to go for a grey undertone bronzer when contouring. If you go for a red or orange, it will make your face look weird and stand out in many ways.  Think "I have spent to much time in the tanning booth" burnt look.  So stay away from red or orange bronzers when contouring.

For contouring you will need a few brushes, potentially.  First, you will need a contouring brush to apply this cream to hallow out your cheek bones, sides of your nose, underneath your jaw and lip, on your temples and upper outer corners of your hairline.

The Blank Canvas Cosmetics F30 Sculpt Brush works wonders to draw a fine and precise line on your cheekbones and upper outer corners of your hairline.  This brush has great control and literally leaves you with the best lines I have ever seen.  You can also use this brush for blending in your contour, however if you have a small face then brush might be to much for you.

In that case I recommend using Blank Canvas Cosmetics F21 Angled Contour Face Brush which works wonders not only for small faces but to seamlessly blend in your contour.  Due to the fact that this brush is angled, it works beautifully on the hollows of your cheeks and around your face without getting makeup in your hair.  Brushes that lack the angled shape tend to get makeup in your hair.  However since our foreheads are normally rounded and not straight, this brush fits right into the rounded angles and blends out the makeup.  Also works wonders to blend underneath your chin and down your neck.   


Bronzing is a bit different then contouring in the aspect that you apply product in larger areas of your face but more subtly.  If you over do this part on top of your contouring, then you for sure will look like someone who has had way to much time in the sun in all the wrong ways.  You don't want to walk away looking unnaturally brown or bronzed.  So make sure to apply bronzer light handed with  undertones that work for you.

Tools & Products

When bronzing, always remember that a sun kissed look is what you are going for.  It very easy with bronzer to go overboard and look like you just stepped out of a long season from a tanning booth.  With bronzer, here is where you are allowed to used red or orange undertones if you desire.  However make sure to first check your own skins undertone and see if these colors will work for you.  You don't want to look like an orange carrot or sun burnt victim if the color is all wrong.  If all else fails, then stick to grey undertones which always look great! Moreover, stay away from glitter/shimmery bronzers.  While they look nice, they TOTALLY look unnatural unless that is the look you are going for.  Glitter/shimmery bronzers work best at night, for a party or club type atmosphere.  But for normal everyday wear, it can look way to overdone.*AjmQvezs&c3ch=Linkshare&c3nid=nu*AjmQvezs&affid=nu.AjmQvezs-eH9kmD2Zh2Zt3NMKhuX_uw&ranEAID=nu*AjmQvezs&ranMID=2417&ranSiteID=nu.AjmQvezs-eH9kmD2Zh2Zt3NMKhuX_uw

One of the best bronzers I have ever used is Too Faced Milk Chocolate Soleil Matte Bronzer Milk Chocolate.  You can get this bronzer in two colors.  Either light/medium or a darker shade.  This bronzer has great undertones to work with just about everyone's skin.  It is also matte so it leaves you with a beautiful realistic glow.   The best part about this bronzer is not only the color it leaves you, but that fact that it smells like chocolate!! Hey for a girl like me who is addicted to chocolate, I don't mind having it on my face with zero calorie guilty!!

There are two brushes that come to mind when applying bronzer to the face in my opinion that work wonders each time.  Either a nice large contour brush or an angled brush.

The Blank Canvas Cosmetics F16 Large Contour/Powder Brush is shaped in a tear drop form which works wonders to pick up product at the tip so that you can apply to diagonally down and up the hollows of the cheeks and around the temples and forehead.  Due to its tear shaped design, it allows you to get apply your bronzer right where you need it without smudge your face.

The Blank Canvas Cosmetics F04 Angled Contour Face Brush works well to apply bronzer on the apples of your cheeks and blend it in with your blush if you are applying some on top.  This brush has an angled head which helps to get the bronzer all the way up to the hairline right next to your temples.  You can also bronze with this brush around your forehead due to its angled shape.  Moreover due to this brush having a white head, you can see if you have picked up to much or too little bronzer.

If you plan to both contour and bronze, remember less is more.  I can't stress that point enough. I have seen girls who literally look sun burnt due to over doing it.  The more natural your contour and bronzing look, the more attractive and natural looking you will come out!

Unless you like sporting the brunt look! Then hey as the old saying goes "to each his own" right!

So there you have it! Two concepts that you can combine in one (or two) depending on what type of look you are going for!

Let me know what types of products and tools you use for contouring and bronzer!

Keep Smiling!


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Thursday, February 12, 2015

January Favorites!

Current Beauty Obsessions!

When it comes to beauty products, I have more than I can count. Nonetheless I always make sure to use them up before replacing full bottles of things.   However there comes a time now and then when you simply just fall in love with a product! Lately I have been obsession over these beauty products where I find myself reaching for them on a constant basis. So I decided to incorporate them in my January favorites. God knows I had more, but I figure I choice my top picks and leave the rest for next month's favorites!

Nars Turkish Delight - $31.00 CDN

This has got to be the most beautiful pinkish nude lip gloss I have ever seen. Not only does it glide on so smoothly and nourishes your lips, but it also leaves behind no tacky or sticky feeling. It really makes my lips feel conditioned all day long. The color has a good pay off lasting for a few hours before needing to re-apply. I plan to get their color Striptease as well since it seems like a color I would wear!

Poppy Austin Bright Revitalizing Eye Cream - $22.49 US

Poppy Austin is a company I have fallen in love with over the last year!  They make great products that not only work but are sensible and safe for the skin.  This product contains "organic Aloe, organic Jojoba Oil, Grapeseed Oil, Rosehip Oil, Green Tea, Vitamin C, Vitamin E and Tamanu Oil" to name a few.  It also lacks all the silly fillers, alochol,fragrances and other ingredients that are harmful to the skin!  I have been using this around my eyes and I have to say I am amazed at the results.  It has helped greatly with puffiness, tackling my very fine lines and wrinkles and seriously hydrating my eye area.  It literally leaves the skin around my eyes feeling like fine silk. I am already fearing the day that this bottle runs out!

Calgon Ageless Bath Mineral Scrub and Soak

Growing up I always saw this name brand in my local drugstore but never had the opportunity to try it out.  A few weeks ago, I was walking down the aisle of Shopper Drugmart looking for a good body scrub when I saw this.   It flashed me back to my childhood and I knew I had to try this out.  So with that I sniffed it and bought it!  I have to say, for the $6.00 it cost me, it was well worth it.  This mineral scrub literally leaves my skin feeling fresh, clean and exfoliated.  The smell is amazing without being overpowering.  You can also use a few scoops in your bath water if you just wanted to soak in it.  For the price, this product comes in a really big tub.  I use it about 2-3 times a week and my skin always feels alive and clean afterwards.  It washes always with no residue left behind and leaves your skin nicely conditioned and smelling great!  You can find this brand at any local drugstore or supermarket in the bath aisle.   

Nexxus Therappe Shampoo & Humectress Conditioner 

Nexxus was literally a staple item for my mother growing up in my home.  I am talking circa 1980's when the bottles looked completely different.  I recently tried this for the first time after seeing it in my friends bathroom.  So one day while walking through Shoppers Drugmart I saw this on sale for ten dollars a bottle with a coupon for two dollars off each bottle.  I have to say, while this is not sulfate free, nonetheless it does make my hair look and smell great.  It has this amazing smell like cinnamon and spice.  It leaves my hair feeling soft and my scalp feeling great!  I would suggest you buy this on sale because at regular price this can almost cost anywhere between $15 to $20 a bottle!

Too Faced Semi Sweet Chocolate Palette - $49 US / $59 CDN   

I just love this palette.  While I will say the original Chocolate Bar Palette is better, nonetheless this one still hits it out of the park.  The palette has colors that range from cool to warm tones.  While the colors aren't highly pigmented, nonetheless a little water on your brush does the trick.  The Blueberry Swirl color looks awesome when applied to the lid with their Peanut Butter color.  If you have the original chocolate bar palette, then this will surly be an amazing addition to your collection and totally fun to play with and create awesome looks!

Bella and Bear "The Pluckers" Professional Tweezer Set - $25.00 US

This tweezer set is like no other. It comes with three different tweezers to pluck and tweeze all your eyebrow needs!  Because this has three different shapes, it works wonders in grabbing all the hairs on your eyebrows with breeze.  I love this plucker set and is now my go to for plucking.  I just threw out my old Tweezerman set and moved on to these.  These are totally worth buying due to the three different tweezers it comes with!  Trust your eyebrows will thank you!

Julep Oxygen Nail Treatment - $14.00 / $18.00 US

This is one of the best nail treatments I have seen or tried in a while. My nails are normally hard and sturdy. However with pregnancy they become brittle, soft and break off easily. I started using this product one month ago and was amazed to see how my nails grew strong again. I also realized that they no longer looked brittle, but shiny, smoother and the free edge (the white part) was very white and strong. You are suppose to wear this nail treatment alone on clean nails with no other type of nail polish. It leaves a nice soft pinky color on your nails. It lasted me a whole week before needing to reapply. When I cleaned it off with nail polish remover in order to re-apply again for the next week, there were no stains left behind on my nails. I am honestly amazed at this nail treatment and what a simple week and two coats did to my nails.

So there you have it, my favorites for January! Let me know if you are currently obessession over any beauty products!

Keep Smiling!


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Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Are You a Product Junkie?!

If you can read this title and automatically relate, then you know you have a problem.  However if you are not clear and need further clarification, then read on!

Product Junkie: Someone who buys way to many beauty items and never actually finishes using one before they buy and move on to another.  

Product Junkie: Someone who has so many beauty products that their shelves, drawers and bathroom is overflowing. 

Product Junkie: Someone who buys (on impulsive) the latest beauty products without actually needing it.

Product Junkie: Someone who buys beauty products without any real intentions on using them ever, or more then once. 

So if you can relate to any of the top four comments, then this post is surely for you.  You are a product junkie and you truly have a problem!! But don't worry, there is help for you and together we will get you through this!!

So now that you figured out you have a problem, below are a few steps you can take in order to help yourself stop being a product junkie and on the way to the road of recovery with clearer shelves.  Now don't get me wrong, it won't be easy, but trust me once you start de-cluttering, you will see its all well worth it!

Stop Shopping! Period.  The truth is, just about everyone feels good when they buy something.  However once that rush, that high is over then we all move on to the next bigger and better thing.  However, at some point we need to know when enough is enough.  I like trying out different type of products; hair products, skincare products, body products, just about any beauty product available for the body from head to toe I want to use and try.  Nonetheless, we need to be mindful to take inventory of how many shampoos for example we have underneath our bathroom sink and why we never finished using them up before we go out and buy more.  When you start shopping in excess you end up with your own mini drugstore in your home.  So stop shopping and start taking inventory of all your products and see what you need and what can be thrown out.

Take Inventory!  Once you stop shopping, take inventory of everything you have in your shelves, drawers and bathroom.  Pull it all out and start going through it one by one.  The only way to help de-clutter is to know how much of what you have and what you don't need.  Many times you will find bottles of things that are expired, empty or simply just not worth holding on to.  Once you pull all your beauty products out, start REALISTICALLY classifying them.  Make two piles.  Keep and Throw.  Remember, keeping what you don't need is no different then throwing it out if you never really plan to use it.  If you plan to have it sit on the shelf for another year or two, then you might as well throw it out or re-gift it as it truly serves you no purpose or use.   

Throw it Out!  Many of us have a very hard time of letting go of things.  The first thing that always comes out of people's mouth is "but if I throw it out then I just wasted money" versus you keeping it on your shelve and letting it expire or never using it?!  Truth is, if you bought it with no real intentions of using it, then you wasted money.  If you bought it and a year later you still have it hardly used and/or untouched, then you already wasted money.  If you already bought it, period, then you already wasted the money.  No matter how you classify it, once you buy it, the money is gone. No matter what you do (unless you return it) you are not getting your money back.  So the moment you can start putting things in perspective, the easier it is to let go of it.  Anything expired throw it out.  Anything that you NEVER plan to use because you hate the smell or texture of it, throw it out.  Sure you can re-gift it. But come on let's be real.  Are you really going to do that, or is it just an excuse to shove it back in your closet?  If you plan to re-gift it, then make sure to get it out of your house in two weeks or less.  If not, I can assure you, it will end up right back from where you originally pulled it out of. 

Display It!  Once you decide as to what you are keeping (and I mean seriously keeping AND using) you need to display it.  If you put it back in your drawers, closets, shelves or underneath your sink, will end you back up in the same syndrome.  The "out of sight out of mind" syndrome and thus telling yourself you need X products and start shopping all over again.  However if you display it and its in your line of view everyday, then chances are you will use it up before going out and buying more.  One of my New Years resolutions was to start using up everything I had in my bathroom before buying anything new.  In order to do this, I started displaying everything I was keeping and putting it in places where I knew I would be able to reach for it and use it with ease.  So for example, after going through my drawers, I realized I had three hair masks (one I completely forgot about) that needed to be used up.  One had one more treatment left in it, one was half way used and the other one hadn't been opened.  Mind you, I bought that one last year in the fall so keep in mind its been there awhile.  I pulled all three out and displayed them on top of my toilet bowl with my other three body creams.  So now every time I come out the shower, I can see them right in my line of view.  Due to this, I was able to finish up the hair mask with one treatment left last night.  I was also able to finish using one of my three body creams that I have in my bathroom, plus I finished using a shampoo and conditioner that I bought last year around this time that was sitting underneath my bathroom sink.  

Part of de-cluttering is saving yourself and your wallet from being a product junkie and being realistic of what you currently have, need and don't need.  I assure you, if you follow these four easy steps above, you will have your bathroom shelves cleaned out within the next few months before you need anything new.   

Are you a product junkie in need of help? Tell me below what your vice is and how you plan to clean out your shelves!

Keep Smiling!


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Thursday, February 5, 2015

6 Skincare Companies Worth Knowing!

5 Skincare Companies Worth Knowing!

Post Contains Affiliated links

Last week I wrote about six independent beauty companies worth checking into because of their amazing prices, fabulous makeup quality and amazing makeup brushes. Click here for that review. This week I decided to spotlight six skincare companies that in my opinion not only offer quality products that actually produce results, but that also showcase quality ingredients without using harsh chemicals, alcohols, fragrances, fillers or binders that breakdown collagen and create free radical cell damage.  

These six companies are the ONLY ones you will see on my vanity bathroom counter year around.  I literally have nothing else there besides these six companies.  While you won't find these products in your local department store, drugstore or Sephora, however not finding them there doesn't mean you shouldn't be looking into them.  I am very picky about what goes on my face and ALWAYS do my medical research on the ingredients before buying a product.  It doesn't phase me who's name is on the product.  If it doesn't add up then its not worth damaging your face over. Period.  These six companies so far I have found to fit the bill and offer me the skincare quality I need to keep me looking young, fresh and alive day in and day out in any type of weather!

If you haven't heard about Paula's Choice its probably because you been living under a skincare rock like I was up to two years ago.  I started using Paula's Choice Skin Balancing line as my skincare routine and never looked back.  I came to hear about this company all by accident.  My physician friend one day notified me that if I wasn't using a good BHA/AHA/Retinol/Vitamin C at my age then I wasn't using anything at all. So of course I hit the internet to first find the medical literature on these ingredients and then the products themselves.  What a world of wonder I found.  Not only did I find tons of products from other companies full of crap ingredients but many were either harmful to the skin or no longer effective due to bad packaging.  So my search lead me on a massive product hunt for two weeks.  Hence when I found Paula's Choice.  Not only did they have actual up-to-date medical literature to back up their product claims, but they also have proper packaging for their products based on the ingredients they use.  Truly this company amazes me as you can find literally just about any BHA/AHA/Retinol/Vitamin C product to suit your skincare needs.  The prices are affordable, their shipping is realistic and their ingredients are quality.  You can literally shop for just about every skincare problem you have and for all seasonal issues.  90% of my skincare products are Paula's Choice.  I don't know how I got by before I starting using these products.  Nonetheless, I don't plan to ever get by without them again!

As a bonus, if you click on the Paula's Choice link here, for first time buyers you will get a $10 credit for any item you buy worth $15 or more! This company is truly worth trying out!

Colleen Rothschild

I first heard about this company from Youtube, where else!  Mrs. Rothschild is pretty brilliant.  She used the power of youtube and sent a few beauty youtubers products from her line to sample and review.  Needless to say it worked because it got me hooked not to mention others!  My first purchase ever was there Radiant Cleansing Balm which literally melted away all my makeup in one shot.  After that I tried their Clarifying Detox Face Mask which I love as well.  When it comes to an effective luxury brand, trust me this is one of them. This line has great ingredients in it which are worth noting.  A lot of their packaging is correct for the products they sell in order to keep the formula's stable.  In their line you will find products with retinol, vitamin C and salicylic acid which all make a really big difference on the face when packaged and used correctly.  Mrs. Rothschild also understands that when it comes to skincare, one product does NOT do it all and she makes that clear on her website.  You need to use a combination of products in order to tackle a combination of issues. However those products must contain certain stable ingredients that one needs in order for this happen which are found in this line.  Colleen Rothschild line offers a range of products from gentle face cleanser to more potent products like retinol.  I am slowly trying out more of their products as they are not cheap but well worth the money.       

Ageless Derma

I came to try Ageless Derma when one day I decided that I needed to use a Retinol Eye Cream with Vitamin K.  I searched high and low but could not find anything with these two ingredients put together.  I read in a medical journal article that putting retinol with vitamin K helped to diminished the look of fine lines and wrinkles but to also condition the skin to avoid the possible dryness that retinol can cause.  After trying this product out, I was hooked and ended up using at least four more of their products.  This company was founded by a medical doctor who did his research in order to create quality skincare products.  Their facial cleansers, skin brightening creams and moisturizers have some amazing ingredients in them that truly leave your skin with great results.  They lack the usual ingredients found in many skincare products like fragrances, alochol, fillers and so on which is a bonus.  I enjoy using this product line and always have a bottle of something of theirs either in my shower or on my bathroom vanity.  While they might be a bit pricey, but the results are worth every penny.

Use code Ageless when checking out to get 20% of your order storewide!   

Poppy Austin

Poppy Austin was another company I found all by accident.  While searching for an authentic but decently price Argan Oil, I found this company.  What I just love about Poppy Austin is not just the fact that they use quality ingredients but that they don't charge an arm and a leg for all natural products either.  You also won't find unnecessary ingredients in their skincare line.  They don't incorporate fragrances, dyes, scents or alcohol in their products.  The only scent I have smelled so far is in the rose water which by nature it has a scent on its own. The products are completely decently priced and all the ingredients are listed on the bottle.  Their bottle sizes are amazing for the amount you get and pay for. You literally get twice the size of product versus in other companies when the bottles are about 1 oz or less.  They sell some amazing Roesehip Oil, Vitamin C Serum, Rhassoul Clay Mask and Eye Cream worth trying.  They also work with the community where they harvest their materials from in order to offer them paying wages.  This company is not only a great product line but humanitarians as well!           


VoilaVe is actually a company that found me! And let me tell you I have not been disappointed one bit!  I have literally sampled EVERY product from this line.  Took about half the year to do it, but nonetheless it truly was well worth it.  This company is 100% USDA and Eco Certified Organic.  They do not test on animals and are all made in the USA.  They offer face serums from pure Hyaluronic Acid, to their 4oz Argan Oil, Rosehip Oil, Triple Action Vitamin C Serum to Eye Cream.  Their best product that I literally rave about is there Dead Sea Mud Mask.  I use this product twice a week without fault.  The majority of their products are 99% natural and they truly stand behind their products by not ever using scents, alcohols, fillers, binders or any form of ingredients that can cause collagen breakdown or free radical cell damage.  I use their products every day and have truly been amazed by their results.  I am so grateful that they reached out to me and gave the opportunity to sample their line.  If you want to try an all natural line, trust me this is it!!   

Cosmetic Skin Solutions

I started using Cosmetic Skin Solutions (CSS) when I first wanted to try a product with 1% retinol and a vitamin C + E serum as well.  This company is very comparable to skinceuticals but for literally a fraction of the cost.  You see no company can ever justify charging hundreds of dollar for a simple yet effective vitamin C serum.  I will not pay above $40 for any type of serum that contains the same ingredients you find in a $20 one.  CSS makes sure to not only make products that contain quality ingredients, but products that also have proven results with affordable pricing.  I have also tried their Hydra B Masque Advance Formula, and their Day Moisturizing Creme with great results.  These two creams helped to restore my face last summer when I suffered a horrific allergic reaction that literally burned my face and left it peeling.  This company also stays away from using products that contain alochol, scents, dyes and so on.  The majority of their products are properly packaged in order to keep the ingredients stable.   I love this company and love using their products every chance I get!

 If you shop from their site and use their promo code CSSPROMO you get 5% off all your purchases.  

So their you have it, my top six skincare companies worth trying out.  Let me know if you have tried any of these companies or other ones that offer quality ingredients with great prices and good shipping!

Keep Smiling!


FTC: I was not paid for writing this post and all opinions are my own.  Post does contain affiliated links.

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In-Shower Body Lotions

Shower Body Lotions

I love showering! Heck I love it so much that I do it twice a day!  Nothing like waking up in the morning to a nice shower and nothing like going to bed at night smelling clean and lovely!  Showers are my quiet moments to just relax while the warm water washes away all my cares. Well not really, but it still feels pretty nice!

After every shower, I always lather my skin with amazing body creams.  I just love the feeling of my skin being hydrated, silky smooth and soft.  However at times I have skipped the body cream when I have been tight on time which I hate.  Nonetheless, in the last few years, more and more companies are coming in with in-shower body lotions which help you drench your skin with moisturize while still in the shower.  So you may be asking what is a in-shower body lotion?!  Well allow me to tell you!!

An in-shower body lotion is basically a lotion you can use in the shower AFTER you use your normal body wash or soap. Once you rinse off the soap, you apply the in-shower body lotion to your skin, rub it in softly and then rinse it right off.  No need to let it sit on your skin or wait a few minutes to have it activate.  After that, you step out the shower, pat dry and get dressed as usual. 

Being the fact that I have always suffered from dry skin, I was dying to try these products out and see just how good it really worked.  So for the last almost year, I decided to switch over to in-shower body lotions in order to see if they held up or were even better than my normal body creams.  I have to say I was quiet surprised with the results!

Olay In-Shower Body Lotion - $6.96 CDN

This was the first in-shower body lotion I ever used and fell in love with.  Sadly sometime later the product was discontinued, but then brought back which I was so happy about.   This product is amazing.  It has a silky light weight texture to it.  After you finishing using any body wash or soap, you simply rub this on all over your body and then wash it off.  You don't have to wait minutes to let it sink in, it just does.  This washed off with no hassle and left my hands and body feeling clean.  After bathing, you pat dry and go about your daily routine.  I noticed that my skin was very moisturized without any sticky feeling or residue left behind. It had no strong smell to it which was great.  You don't need a lot as a little does go a long way. A dollar coin size amount works well to cover my whole body from shoulders to feet.  This really did wonders for my elbows and knees. The bottle is made of plastic so its easy to grip in the shower without having a slippery effect.  I didn't notice my shower floor feeling slippery either.  However, it is recommend you take precaution when using any type of slippery body agent in the shower.  If your shower floor is a bit slipper, invest in a bathmat for your own protection.  

African Paradise Body Conditioner - $39.85 CDN

I had never tried anything from Lush until I heard about this gem.  While I have seen this store in my local mall I never really looked around.  However one day while watching Youtube (of course) I heard about a few guru's raving about this product.  So since I am all about trying all "natural" products, I decided to give this a shot.  It took me a couple of months to convince myself to buy it, once I saw the price tag.  At almost $40 a tub, I wasn't sure if it was worth it.  However I took the plunge "in the name of beauty" as my tag line says and went for it by ordering it online.  This works like any in shower body lotion.  You wash with your regular soap or body wash and right before you step out the shower, you lather this on your body, rinse and pat dry.  First, this has an amazing smell.  I normally buy a lot of body products unscented, but this was heaven.  It literally smells like an African Paradise.  The scents that hits me first is the refreshing cocoa butter and mangos.  This in shower body lotion looks like a cream color. It feels silky smooth and glides on easy.  You can feel the oils in it without being left feeling oily.  A small amount covers my whole body.  Once I leave the shower, I don't smell the scent as heavily anymore, but the body conditioning last all day.  It comes in a black plastic tub that is recyclable.  It is easy to grip in the shower.  However since this is a tub and not a squirt bottle, be very careful to not get water in the inside.  If you do, you will end up diluting the product and making it watery and ruining it.  I always turn off my shower head and switch to the bottom shower spout when applying this product to avoid it getting wet.  The plastic tub is durable enough to be left in the shower with no issues.

Nivea In-Shower Body Lotion - $8.99 CDN

When I first heard that this was coming out, I combed the aisle of my local Shoppers Drugmart all December and January till I found it!  I was on a mission and I was not leaving (well) until I found it.  After about a month of looking, I needed to re-buy my body wash (Nivea of course) and suddenly saw this displayed in its own stand in the body wash aisle.  I noticed they had three different types.  So I grabbed the one for dry skin since this winter has been crazy!  This works just like any other in shower body lotion.  You shower, soap yourself down, rinse off and then apply and rinse off again.  This body wash comes in a white cream form.  Feels soft and silky with no nasty sticky feeling and leaves no residue behind. It has a very very slight scent to it.  It works literally in an instant.  it rinses off with no problem and I don't need body cream afterwards.  The bottle is large and easy to grip in the wet shower.  It comes in a squirt tub which is great to apply with one hand.  It is not bulky, therefore does not take up much space in my shower.  I love the way my skin feels after I have used this in the shower.  This product along with my Nivea body wash have truly been my Holy Grail products.  Moreover this bottle has 400ml in it.  So for the price, its more then fair!

If you are like me who loves to use body creams but are short on time or may forget to apply when in a rush, try one of these In-Shower Body Lotions if you want to try a out a whole new product you may have never heard about!  I love these In-Shower Body lotions and plan to keep using them!

Keep Smiling!


FTC: All opinions are my own. I was not paid for this post. 
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